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It’s a Wonderful Life

Hi, I’m releasing my latest song today. I wrote this song about a moment when someone pulls up to their house one evening and realises things have changed between their partner and themselves. Faced with an inevitable separation there’s a part of them that realises even though there’ll be some tough times ahead, life still…

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Is Facebook Ending?

I’m sure that many of you would have noticed a few stories in the media yesterday that were eager to point out that Facebook has, “seemingly”, lost some of its users. Now I’m not sure how accurate the figures really are, but the fact that these articles appeared signifies that some parts of the media…

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Fame, Money, Success And Connection

I want to talk about a paradox, it’s one that most of us have experienced and it relates to money and success. If you asked me if I thought commercial success was a true measurement of achievement, I’m pretty sure that, philosophically speaking, I’d say it wasn’t. In reality though, when I meet people who…

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If Not Now Then When?

Apart from being a memorable saying “If Not Now Then When” was also the title of one of Tracey Chapman’s hits in 1988. These words have been echoing in my mind (lots of echoes there!). I watched my father die in front of me a few months ago and maybe it was that which reminded me that…

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You’re My First

Apparently the first time is normally filled with anxiety, I’ve practised a bit before hand, by myself and with others, so I’m hoping it won’t be so bad, but then I can feel a slight tingling sensation. I’m certainly worried about my “performance”, just one wrong word, one wrong action and that could be the last we…

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