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 Release Date 1st August 2019












Press Release

A musically untrained composer who can’t play any instruments, releases an album with the aid of AI musicians.

Simon Mark Smith releases album which includes 12 songs created with AI musicians.

Can you tell the difference between human or computer made music?


Simon Mark Smith is a singer songwriter, writer, painter, digital artist and photographer, who lives in Eastbourne on the South Coast of England. He has been involved with computers and art since 1981 and is currently one of only a few people who use virtual musicians to create mainstream music. Simon is a product of our times; he is not musically trained and due to his disability cannot play musical instruments. So instead of relying on musicians to help him write songs he has harnessed technology to do so. He has learned to use a wide range of software to both create and produce songs. His latest album consists of 17 songs, 12 were produced with his virtual musicians.

Dangerous Things will be released on CD on August 1st, meanwhile it can be streamed or downloaded via the major digital distributors (Spotify, Amazon and Apple)

For further information:

Email info@simonmarksmith.com

EPK: http://www.simonmarksmith.com/dangerous-things-epk/

In depth Album information: http://www.simonmarksmith.com/dangerous-things-album/


Artist Information



Label: Independent

Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk,

Sounds like: The National, James Arthur, The Drones, Iron and Wine, Ryan Adams, Robbie Robertson, Kings of Leon, Civil Twilight, Oren Lavie, Jade Everett, Everlast,  Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Chris Isaak, Mark Knopfler, JJ Cale.

Influences: Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Chris Isaak, Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits, JJ Cale, Antony and the Johnsons, The The, Bob Dylan, Malcolm McLaren, Pink Floyd, Yellow, INXS, Michael Jackson, Roxy Music, Japan, Tracey Chapman, Kate Bush. 



Dangerous Things

Simon Mark Smith’s latest album, Dangerous Things, includes 12 songs out of 17 which showcase some of the most sophisticated virtual musician software currently available. The rich emotional musicality of these songs will amaze you. This is the beginning of the automation era and this album will astound you with just how real current virtual musicians sound.





Short Bio

Simon Mark Smith is a singer songwriter, painter, photographer, writer and digital artist based in the UK. He is musically untrained and can’t play any instruments yet he has used cutting edge software and virtual musicians (as well as real ones sometimes) to create hundreds of rock, pop, beat and folk based songs. His vocals move from the depths of gravelly “Cohenesque” lows, to the falsetto highs of singers such as “Chris Isaak”, whilst his meaningful lyrics, frequently with more than a glimmer of dark humour, touch on issues of life and love, that so many of us often have to face alone.




Singer Songwriter, digital artist, photographer, writer, and painter Simon Mark Smith is partly a product of the digital era. Untrained musically, unable to play any instruments, he has harnessed the power of technology to help create and record hundreds of songs. Over the last decade he has built up a loyal following of over 120,000 Facebook fans to whom he offers his music for free or a whole album for £1, it’s up to them if they want to pay or not. This is the new world of commerce for many artists, where their digital produce is offered for free, often through streaming services, and people can pay afterwards if they feel like it and can afford it. The artist’s real-life merchandise is now often the main source of income in terms of their art, rather than their art directly. “I guess it t helps deal with the piracy issue” says Smith.

“Dangerous Things” is his fourth album and consists of 17 highly varied, genre crossing styles, 12 of which do not include any real musicians. Do you think you could tell if the musicians were real or not? Try listening to the title track, or “Fallen Angel”, or “Driving Me Wild”, and see what you think, I think you’ll be surprised.

If you like the meaningful lyrics of Leonard Cohen, the melodic, catchy lines of David Gray, the musicality of Knopfler, the sound of Tom Waits or Chris Isaak then Simon Mark Smith may well be worth a listen.

Expect to hear more from Smith over the next few years, he almost died a couple of years ago from a burst appendix so he’s now on a mission to try finishing off some ongoing projects. He has another album, “Fluid Air”, that should be out by within 6 months, as well as several books that are currently in the editing stage.

Dangerous things can be purchased from all the major digital download distributors, but for those of you who can download files with ease CDbaby.com are selling all his albums for just $1(£1) each. Just search for him on their website to find them or use the following link










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In depth Album information: http://www.simonmarksmith.com/dangerous-things-album/