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The Book 04:11

Come, listen to me

Gonna move you now

Your whole story

I am a friend

From times gone by

I watched you smile

And I made you cry

I didn’t know what

You were going to do

So I tied up your hands

And left you too

To ride in dreams

Upon high

Used to ride in the beam

Of where we’d fly

You didn’t know where

And didn’t see

I’m your inside guide

On a long journey

I did my time

And I did it well

We’ve been to heaven

And ran through Hell

I’ll sign to the left

But keep to the right

When I take you out

On a Saturday night

I’m gonna love you

But now you’ve gone

I used to love true

But that was wrong

I used to love blue

But now it’s grey

I’ll come back to you

Another day

I’m gonna look deep

In to your eyes

Gonna pour tears

In to long goodbyes

You’ll touch my nose

And caress my ears

While I warm your heart

And stir your fears

I need your love

To take me out of control

Gonna drive to the end,

End of the road

Gonna love till the stars

Are coming on home

I need your love

But you’d rather

Lie alone

I got a gun

And I aimed it true

I got your site

And your eyes were blue

I’ll make you laugh

I’ll make you cry

I’m the story teller

Of times gone by

I’m gonna see you

Fall to me

I want your hands

To set me free

I’m gonna sit at the table

And break the bread

And listen to the thoughts

Inside your head

I need your hands

To take a hold on me

I need your mouth to

Set me free

I need your heart

To rescue me

I need your love

Need your love

To bring life to me

I need your love


16 July 2010