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Wonderful Life 04:20

Pulled up in my driveway, Sat in my car

Night sky was coming down hard

Listened to the radio, Skipped a couple of tunes

Looked in my mirror at you

Didn’t know why, didn’t want to come in

Feeling dead inside,

Someone told a story, Somebody lied


So take a ride, Enjoy the trip of my life

It’s a wonderful life,

Have you got a feeling, got to get away,

Do you get to feeling, that you’ll no longer stay

Have you got a feeling, Got to get away

Got to get away, Got to get away

Moon it goes around

Life it flies, Gonna say hello

Sometimes goodbye

Take the phone right off the hook

Gonna sit down and write your book

Gonna take the lies we once said

Write across your bed

Well I’d come to you, But you’d go,

And all the things I’d have to say, you’d know


Times are here, times are gone

No matter what, it moves on

I don’t remember me pointing a gun

I don’t remember us not having fun

I don’t remember us wanting more

But I guess I don’t know us anymore


Copyright Simon Mark Smith 2011 UK