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Driving Me Wild Song by Simon Mark Smith

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Further information about this song Driving Me Wild

As I’ve got older I’ve become far more aware of just how much of what drives us is nature in action. That is not to say we don’t have control of ourselves, but to be aware of what really is behind much of what we think and feel helps us to know ourselves better.

I once told my father that I’d done something a bit rash, to which he said “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. We both laughed at that thought. So, when I wrote this, even though it’s a dark song in many ways I wanted there to be some humour too. There is something at the heart of our friendships with others that accepts each other through laughter.

Even though, the lust and love we experience is exciting, and at the time one can’t imagine a life without it, with age I have come to be happier not being so involved in it all. So, the line “It’s a time I don’t want to be” seemed an apt way to start.

It’s also a song about love, about realising that the essence of someone remains even in the darkest heart and that through finding each other we can get past our more destructive sides.



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