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Little By Little 04:22

Little by little

I will go away

Little by little

You will learn

The lines

That you’ve

Got say,

You’ve got to say

Little by little

I will fall from view

Little by little

I will lose you

Learn about a life

Without you

A place in my mind

That I will go

A place in my life

That you got to know

A scar in my heart

That I’m proud to show

You said not to stay

So we went with the flow

I’ve been taught

About passion many a time

I’ve been taught about love

And given the signs

I’ve been taught about

The way we’re meant to be

I followed the river

And you flowed through me

There’s a peace in my heart

When you are near

It’s something I love,

Something that’s dear

It’s something to lose

And its loss I fear

The river is pure

And the river is clear

┬ęSimon Smith

14 November ’90