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Naughty 04:01

The moon looks down

As we both sleep

I breathe, and eat,

And feel and weep

I love, I hate

I dream, I wake,

I have lost and gained

I feel pleasure and pain,

I have lived and I will die

I have repented

And I have lied


I can feel your

Eyes undressing me

You want my body

As close as it can be

Next to you

You’re a naughty girl

But baby you will do

All the things

I dreamed you’d do

It doesn’t matter what

You do or say

The moves you make

Or the songs you play

What you love to hate

The money you make

Cos I want you to long

And I want you strong

I have loved you

And I have cried

I have been tempted

And my heart tried


Sun is blinding

As we dance in the rain

The beat of your heart

Drives my mind insane

We’re lost in the heat

Of this deadly game

I’ve lost and gained

Felt pleasure and pain

Surrender and our love dies

Defend it and I will lie


Copyright 2010

Backing Vocals Carol Baldock

Jane Broadmore