US Travel Diary 2003 Slideshow (Rebuilt 2021)

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In 2003 I co-drove 2 cats across the US from New York to Phoenix, as at that time of year animals couldn’t travel as cargo on planes due to the heat. I decided to write a travel diary of the journey, which became one of 8 that I wrote between 2001 to 2010. After this particular diary I created a slideshow from the photos. Unfortunately over the decades the format the slideshow was in (Flash) became almost obsolete. So tonight, rather than get on with the things I was supposed to be doing, I decided to rebuild and create a video version. I also changed the audio track to a version of the original song I’d used previously, which was Elvis’ “For The Good Times”, to one that I’d done about 10 years ago when mucking about with some karaoke disks I’d got hold of. Anyway, if you’ve got 3 minutes to spare please have a look, and if you’ve got hours to spare maybe check out the travel diaries. You can find the Travel Diaries at:

They’re almost historical records now!