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Where The Locals Meet 03:37

Welcome to my humble house, friend

This is a where I choose to live

Cigarettes are left outside

Shoes can be worn

Magazines lay unread and un-torn

Welcome to the town I live in

It’s been a sunny here for years

But there’s a lake outside of town

Which the locals fill with their fears

And the waves they’re a crashing on our front doors

But we don’t care ‘cause we’re tall

And the storm it comes and goes every year

And I don’t know which way to turn

So lay across my bed my sweet one

I will stroke you ‘til you sleep

And as you dream I’ll take your tears

And your fears

To the lake where the locals meet

Where the locals sleep

Where the locals weep

Welcome to my house, friend

This is the place that I was born

This is the place where magazines go un-torn

And unread

Lay across my bed

The animals are happy and are fed

And this is the place where my fears grow stronger

With every candle that I light

And this is the place where I live, longer

If I go to bed at night

That’s where you’re weak

That’s where we’re in deep

With the secrets I keep

Copyright Simon Mark Smith 2009